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Top 4 Enthralling Action Packed Games to Play on Asus Zenfone

One of the key reasons why Zenfone 5 Lollipop is so popular amongst the gadgetry enthusiasts all over the globe is its competence to run dozens of adventurous games. All these games can be downloaded via Play Store by searching through the sub category of action games. A great deal of both free and paid mobile game titles is available there that includes a wide selection of elements, such as action sports, Roman warfare, horror etc. Undermentioned is a list of top action packed games for those folks who are looking out to slay some time in an enrapturing way.

5 Nights at the Freddy’s 3

It is surely one Asus zenfone 5 lollipop update smartphone horror inducing game that will make the gamers pause time and time again in order to encounter the unspeakable terror. Even though some gamers might find a bit difficult to overcome all the fears brought out by this game, its captivating game play does not let the players get off the mobile’s screen. The premises of the game are pretty same like its predecessor in which the gamers act as the night watchers in a fun horror house.

Blood and Glory: Immortals

An awesome action packed option for real fanatics of this genre of the Asus Zenfone 5 Lollipop games. The main theme is based on a Roman warrior that imparts the vibes of an excellent series God of the Wars and adopts different elements of the classic games like the Diablo game series. The band of every player’s heroes includes the Barbaress, the Warlock and the Gladiator. Each and every character demonstrates their unique jaw dropping brand of combat skills. Another interesting thing is that this game’s massive scope gets realized whenever the gamer faces any renowned mythical God or beast. The rapid wars, great chances of unwrapping loot and comfortable controls make the game bloody good to play on Zenfone 5 Lollipop!


Grudgeball – The Regular Show

The Regular Show should fall into the category of the bizarre series of cartoon which have ever been conceptualized for the ankle-biters out there. Due to the pothead affable humor, the series attracted a good number of older crowds. This latest zenfone 5 lollipop update smartphone game based upon the Rigby and Mordecai’s adventures, which are available to the audience in the Grudgeball’s form. The custom fantasy game play untangles through a range of arena modes, single-player superb matches. Here the action’s quick and furious, which can force even the non-fans and despisers of the show this game’s based upon will be pleased about it.

Combo Queen

Hunting down a fighting game which can be played on Asus Zenfone 5 Lollipop? Have a look here at Combo Queen which’s a ready-made option for the devotees of fighting mobile games. The main character got to fight battles with almost a countless array of warriors and beasts. She should trounce all of them with the help of parries combo attack movements. Before jumping into the game the players should get their selves prepared for the duel combos.