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How to Make a Unique Beach Glass Soap Dish

Soaglass soapp dishes are available in all themes and colors, and they are made of many different materials, but they are rarely unique. Buy decor from a local discount store and you will have the same ocean themed bathroom accessories as countless others. Make a unique soap dish instead. In the end you will save money while creating something exclusive.

I had an ocean themed bathroom, and after a trip to Hunting Island, South Carolina I wanted to make a unique soap dish with some of the natural treasures I had found. I came up with a creative idea, and I made a beautiful ocean themed soap dish. I designed one for the side of my garden bathtub and one for the bathroom countertop. I received many compliments on my homemade soap dish, and people wanted to know where I had purchased it.

Make a Unique Ceramic and Beach Glass Soap Dish

A ceramic bowl is the perfect base for a homemade ocean themed soap dish. As long as it has a wide stable base, any ceramic bowl will work. Select a ceramic bowl in a color of your choice along with smooth beach glass.

I combed the shore of Hunting Island, South Carolina for anything that caught my eye. I carefully picked up everything from broken shells to pieces of plastic that had traveled hundreds of miles across the water. Although it was not common, I occasionally found bits of colorful beach glass. I wanted to use it in my ocean themed bathroom, but I needed more.

Add Faux Beach Glass if Found Treasures are Not Enough

When in need of beach glass for soap dishes in an ocean themed bathroom, visit a local craft store. You will find beach glass in a rainbow of colors. Store bought beach glass is not usually found along the ocean shore. It is tumbled with sand to look and feel like the real thing. My found treasures were like jewels among faux gems in my bathroom soap dish.

I filled a heavy white ceramic bowl with the beach glass I found and the faux bits and pieces that I purchased from a craft store. The embellishments were not just for looks in my ocean themed bathroom. The beach glass kept the soap dry.

I drained away excess soapy water and rinsed the beach glass once a week. Occasionally, I had to clean it more often, but it was worth the effort. It was a highly unique bathroom accessory, and it added function, beauty and ocean themed style.